• horses

    turning out the horses

  • field

    the field where some the horses go when they aren't being used

  • chicken on goat

    one of our brown chickens trying to balance on bounty the goat

  • river

    nice picture of the river by the farm

  • pony love

    one of our lovely children

  • fun

    having fun riding our ponies

  • friends

    all the horses are good friends with each other

  • having fun

    more fun riding the horses

  • bells the dog

    friendly farm dog bells

  • lamb

    some of the lambs

  • pigs

    peppa and pickle the pigs

  • riding lesson

    a riding lesson taking place

  • fun in lesson

    having fun in the lessons

  • brown hen

    one of our brown hens

  • feeding horses

    feeding the horses some hay

  • heather

    heather loves cuddles

  • sheep and falabellas

    the sheep with one of the falabellas

  • sheep

    some of the sheep

  • sheep and donkey

    the sheep and the donkeys are good friends

  • dog and cats

    the dogs and cats like to cuddle up

  • percy

    percy the cat

  • kids and ponies

    some of the kids with the ponies

Children Horse riding at Weybridge Equestrian Centre